Participation on TermNet Projects


Design and management of databases on bibliographies in terminology and standards
Design and management of terminology databases
Design and management if Infoterm library
Micro CDS/ISIS training

on FAO Projects


Design of integrated database system for processing of national Slovak input to FAO/AGRIS system
Design of integrated database system for processing of national Czech input to FAO/AGRIS system
Design of tools for creation and maintenance of Czech and Slovak versions of AGROVOC thesaurus

on UNDP Projects

DANIS System Manager, comprising database design and maintenance, linkage of various databases and maintenance of three different environmental thesauri within one system, conversion of data to Internet, access to DANIS data on Internet

on UNESCO Projects

Design of Water Calendar database, management of data, conversion and access to data on Internet.

Special Skills: Internet technology (including, E-mail, File transfer, WWW), networking, PC IBM compatible, MS DOS, Norton Commander, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook, MS Internet Explorer, T 602 Editor, software for financial management and accounting DUO, JUK, Micro CDS/ISIS design of databases and training
Personal Reference: Wolfgang Boch
European Commission
Office: BU 29 2/78
Rue de la Loi 200, B-1049 Brussels
Phone: + 32 2 296 3591, Fax::+32 2 2962391

Dr. Gerhard J.A. Riesthuis
vakgroep Boek-, Bibliotheek- Informatiewetenschap
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Faculteil der Letteren
Singel 425
1012 WP Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 525 2295, Fax: +31 20 525 2097

Egbert de Smet
University of Antwerp
Libr.Inf. Science
Informatie- en Bibliotheekwetenschap
Universiteitsplein 1
B-2610 Wilrijk (Antwerpen), Belgium
Tel: (32-3)8202857, Fax: (32-3)8202856

Christian Galinski
Infoterm, Vienna
Phone: +431/74040-441, Fax:+43174040-740

Detailed Reference: see Who is who in Classification and Indexing, Index Verlag, Frankfurt/Main, 1983, ref.149f (Compiled by I.Dahlberg)

see Who is Who in the European Information World,TFPL/EUSIDIC 1994, p.322

Languages: Professional level: Czech, Slovak, Russian, English
Level of full understanding: Polish, Croatian, Ukrainian
Level of basic understanding: German
International Expertise: UNEP, Nairobi Kenya 1977 (one month) - USSR, Poland, Hungary, Romania, several months of expertise
Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok Thailand, 1992 one month teaching
IRC - International Water and Sanitation Centre (WHO collaborating centre), member of working group for water information management, 1992 Bangkok, 1993 Amman Jordan

UNDP, Danube PCU Vienna consultant (since 1995 - )
UNESCO Water Sciences Division Consultant (since 1995 - )

Publications: About 50 articles in international periodicals and proceedings as TKE' 90, TKE '93, ISKO 90 etc.
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