(13.2.1967 - 29.8.2003)

Dipl. Ing. Marek Smihla

Software & Data Manager

Education: 1985-1990 Slovak Technical University, Bratislava Microelectronics Engineering, Dipl.Ing. degree
Employment: 1990-1991 Slovak Academy of Science, Institute of Computer Systems, CAD department, Integrated circuits designer
1991-1992 POKOJ Publishing, Bratislava, Editor and DTP Publisher
1992-2003 Centre of Eco-Information and Terminology Software & Data manager, Director of Technology and Key Programmer
Skills and experiences: Object programming, Object Pascal, Turbo Vision, C++, ISIS Pascal, Micro CDS/ISIS database design and programming, Micro CDS/ISIS WWW publishing, DTP, Ventura Publisher, data conversions programming, automatized text processing (from data input to camera-ready products), multilingual database applications, computer assembling and installations, hardware and software consultancy, IBM PC hardware, IC design.
Results gained: Author of ADEM,Webis-NT, EPC - Module for Evidention of Publication Activities, Design of wwwisis catalogues on internet:
Slovak national Gallery
Natural History Museum in Wien
Lyceum Library in Bratislava
Ministry of Foreign Affair
University of Vienna - Zentralamstaldt für Meteorologie und Geodynamik
JAMPRO'S Business Library - Jamaica
Seminary of St.Gorazd - Library
Design of computerized library and databases of water, soil, agriculture, environment under Micro CDS/ISIS software, design of terminology databases for international bibliographies, multilingual vocabularies processing, design of EURO-character set for computer processing and printing bibliographies in all European languages with full set of characters, database conversion of cca 500 MByte database into CDS ISIS, automatized DTP publishing of several multilingual vocabularies, Design of ADEM (Advanced Data Entry Manager for Micro CDS/ISIS).
Participation on TermNet projects:
Design of databases on biblographies in terminology and standards
CEDEFOP thesaurus, data processing, design of final publication, interface between Micro CDS/ISIS data and DeskTop Publishing, Ventura, layout and print out of originals in 7 languages, including Greek
Designer of EURO character set
Designer of Compendium Vocabulary
Designer of Gloss vocabulary database
Designer of CERT vocabulary database
Microsoft terminology, Slovak and Czech versions, Design of Russian version
Micro CDS/ISIS training

on United Nations projects:
Designer of DANIS database
Designer of WATERCAL database

on local projects:
Designer of Agrocatalogue database
Designer of Geocatalogue database
Designer of Spur databases
Designer of Internet Bible

Personal reference: Dr. Egbert de Smet
University of Antwerp, Belgium
Phone: +323/820-2857

Christian Galinski
Infoterm, Vienna
Phone: 01/26 75 35

Mrs. Georgalyn Wilkinson
GLINT, Ontario, California, USA
Executive director
Phone: 909/481-5222
Languages: Professional level: Slovak, English, Czech
Level of full understanding: German, Russian,
Level of basic understanding: Croatian, Slovenian, Polish


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